“Bram Lewis is an amazing director.  The perfect marriage of heart and head.    Sensitive and emotionally open to the actors and their needs — knowledgeable and incisive when it comes to  the text.   As a successful theater producer himself — he  is also acutely aware and respectful of  the demands of the producers.    His integrity, skill and genuine fire have made every theatrical project I’ve worked on with him – an inspired one.”

–Michael Patrick King  

Executive Producer Writer Director –  Sex and The City HBO series/feature films

“ I am writing to add my voice in praise of Bram Lewis, he has great skill.He is clever.  Resourceful.  Disciplined.  And, patient.  He did wonders at the Phoenix Theatre. My first husband, Ellis Rabb, loved Bram and loved working at his theatre.  The level of production was first-rate. They won rave reviews. Most importantly, Bram created a place that while built on excellence, felt like home.  Many of the best came to work there. Far too many to name here.  A.R. Gurney…Jason Robards…Julie Harris…take your pick. He has my loyal support.”

–Rosemary Harris

I’ve known Bram for many years. I worked with him at The Phoenix Theatre when we had great success with Horton Foote’s play THE TRIP TO BOUNTIFUL. Few people combine Bram’s mix of knowledge and experience.  He worked skillfully at The Phoenix with his actors.  He is deeply wise about people and what makes an audience want to come and see the show.  I recommend him to you.”

–Ellen Burstyn

“Bram Lewis is an extremly talented actor, director and drama coach. His long experience in running a theater has given him great insight into what makes an actor tick and what makes a play work in front of an audience. He is refreshingly free from theoretical jargon, and combines a deep understanding of human nature with a great awareness of on actor’s means: above all,- he has the knowledge that can sharpen a performer’s skill in voice, movement and interpretation of a text.”

–George Hall

Royal Academy of Music, and former head of Acting The Central School of Speech and Drama- London

Dearest Bram….I am so happy about the new theatre.  I love you and wish you Luck with Project Rushmore and the “Madwoman of Chaillot”….wonderful play!!  You are always in my heart- FOREVER!  Love Julie xx

–Miss Julie Harris

“I’ve known the man for thirty years and he’s an ace. He took a core group of beautifully gifted and fervent NY actors and carved a vibrant home for some of the world’s most celebrated Theatre Folk- John Barton, Ellen Burstyn, Liviu Ciulei, Marcia Milgrom Dodge, Julie Harris, Ellis Rabb, Francis Sternhagen- its a long list.  His advisory board included myself, Helen Hayes, Irene Worth, Woody Allen…well you get the idea.  Billy Crudup, Brooks Ashmanskas, many made their professional debuts on The Phoenix Boards. I suspect in the morgue at the NY TIMES you’d find a ton of glowing notices…  Bram himself is soft-spoken, smart, fearless and a one-of-a-kind theatre man.  Am I recommending him?  -ABSOLUTELY!   

–Tom Fontana

Emmy award-winning writer/producer  St. Elsewhere, Homicide (life on the street),  HBO’s “OZ”

“I love Bram.  He invited me to work at his Phoenix Theatre.  I had a wonderful time.  Artistically speaking, I have a home now.”

–Ellis Rabb 

legendary director and founder of the APA (Association of Producing Artists)

I have seen Bram work with Students, Stars (Elaine Stritch), famed Directors (John Barton), and audiences.  He is whip-smart, knows his stuff and is a first class man of the theatre….

–Louis Burke 

Artistic Director, Stratford Shakespeare Festival

I have known Bram personally for many years and worked with him professionally at The Phoenix Theatre where he served as cheap jerseys Artistic Director when I directed Hedda Gabler.  His extensive knowledge of American theatre is impressive, but Mr. Lewis also possesses an acute awareness and knowledge of the British, European and Asian theatres, the latter coinciding with his singular interest in Asian philosophy.  He is a highly educated artist whose intelligence and sensitivity I found invaluable in helping to analyze and solve problems.   I was privileged to work with him.

–Liviu Ciulei  

internationally acclaimed director and founder of The Bulandra Theatre (Bucharest)

……Time and again, Bram and his Theatre have given us matchless moments of playgoing magic.  I unreservedly support them in their important work….

Helen Hayes  

“BRAM LEWIS is a director of rare personal subtlety and multiple technical gifts, which were first honed at London’s Central School of Speech and Drama and developed over the next three decades in the heart of New York’s vibrant theater world. The melding of Lewis’s obvious public charisma with his clear directorial skill — the magic double-edged sword that defined the Lewis persona — enabled him (where even such brilliant theatrical minds as Robert Lewis had sadly failed a decade prior) to create a viable theater company that grew and blossomed during a decade in the previously barren theatrical landscape at Purchase. Lewis combined the old-fashioned American impresario’s fearless moxie of a Joe Papp with the fine-tuned elegance, knowledge and theatrical depth, lightly seasoned with humor, of England’s John Gielgud.”

–Jacques le Sourd

    Gannett/ CBS


With ineffable grace and acumen, Mr. Lewis has built The Phoenix into a juggernaut….against the odds…. often his results have been breath-taking. ”                 

–Alvin Klein 

The New York Times

“Beneath the surface calm, Lewis radiates intensity, always questioning, planning, dreaming… 

‘I think there’s a point where someone else thinks the work is done, and the work is never done…It is never, never, never, never done.’

Lewis illustrates three critical factors behind the remarkable success of The Phoenix: His faith in Theater’s ability to communicate deeply consequential ideas, his passion for detail, and his perseverance…’There’s a part of me that constantly doubts Status Quo.  I’m someone who at least likes to test the odds, if not defy them,’

…Inspiring… a Master-Builder…..”

–Stuart Miller

  Theater Week-

“The soft-spoken yet charismatic Artistic Director of The Phoenix Theatre Company took a fledgling summer theater and nurtured it into a formidable regional theater luring top-flight often famous professionals to his stage.  Greats like Ellen Burstyn, Julie Harris, Stephen Collins and George Grizzard performed over the years. Lewis also had the courage to mount productions of new and rarely seen plays and offered innovative spins on classics like Shakespeare and Ibsen. Devoted Phoenix fans will remember Bram’s optimistic, missionary speech that opened every performance: “If you like what you see, TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW!  If you don’t, TELL ME!.”

–Amy Arkwy

  Westchester Weekly

“Bram Lewis is simply the wisest theatre man I know. He brings an enormous breadth of knowledge and experience to his work with actors, and his coaching helps them give the smart, distinctive auditions that book work. He is also kind, generous, and endlessly enthusiastic. Above all, he possesses a quality sorely lacking in many teachers and coaches nowadays: heart.”

–Timothy Carter

  Scar in “The Lion King” national tour